About Prof. A. Z. Al Hafi

A Brief Citation for the Arch-Researcher Prof. A.Z. Al-Hafi:

Over the itinerary-course of the new century rising years, the ‘epitome watchword’ Prof. Al Hafi has iconically emerged as a colossal-authority figure, in multi-disciplinary, as well as inter-disciplinary spheres of integrated research.

In a persistent way, quite eloquently and evocatively, this epitome watchword has moved up to manifest a zenithly pinnacle pictogram of ‘eclectic erudition’ in extensively salient and diversified realm-orbs of multifarioProf. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al hafius scholarly dominances. Though viewed upon in contrarily obstinate scenarios of diverse pretexts, the axiom-description ‘Prof. A. Z. Al Hafi’, hitherto, has meritoriously fetched an ‘iconic mark-depiction’ of somewhat a ‘hectodirectional persona-entity’ of the era.

Judiciously viewed, the expansions of Prof. Al Hafi’s research vistas opt to carry the deliberations, that are comparable, by any pragmatic means, to that of the ‘heave-apexes’, collectively achieved by the wide-ranging predominant entirety of the modern adjunct-institutional augmentations and academic escalations,………..at least to the extents of their strength, rather than the eulogizely prevalent ‘length’.

Zenithly encompassing a broad-based multilevel erudite orientation in an upsurge summation of almost 93 subject-fields. Prof. Hafi, henceforth, indubitably imprints his distinct mark-etchings of a compellingly marvelous ‘unparallelness’, in a plethora of learned superfluities within the modern age academia.

By dispositions and compositions, Prof. Al Hafi is an eclectic transcendent of enormously rare and unusual staggering combinations i.e. an upright incandescent thinker and a luminous orientalistic philosopher,…a dynamic innovatory scientist and an edifying revolutionary philanthropist,….a forward-looking superb inventor and a conscience-pricking moralistic poet,….an immensely straight analytical eye-opener and a tremendously strong vertical phenomenologist,….a free-of-charge physician for complex disabilities of retarded children and a renowned embalmed epidemiologist in devastating catastrophic and post-disastrous situations,….an innovative communal consultant and an inventive practitioner of integrated alternative medicines,….an untiring teacher cum motivator in complexities of affairs, and a mentor of the vanguards as well as the left-behind deprived ones,…………a splendidly super-charged analyst and an assertively conclusive, effervescent and vivacious truth-narrator,….at the same time, altogether, incorporatedly rolled in one person.

The real strength of Prof. A.Z. Al Hafi’s scholastic unparallelness lies in the meticulously unified merger of a vast metaphorical array of subjects and domains multiplicity. Furthering the strength is the immensely ‘diversified visionary-insight’, coupled with a strapping vigilance in a noteworthily wide range of the diverse orb-dominons of research, indexing almost an unfathomable blending of, applied analytical, basic, adaptive, causal, longitudinal, sequential, phenomenological, monothetic, exploratory, inferential, and transcendental veneers of research, as well.

Prof. A. Z. Al Hafi holds a progressive list of distinguished firsts which comprises of;

1- The first ever instigations of ‘Trans-referential Research Model of Teratology’ & ‘Trans-Positional   Theory of Terato-Kinetics’ in the recorded history of science.

2- The historic commencement of ‘ The Coherency Codex’.

3- Presentation of the ‘Magneto-Sectorial Model’.

4- The historic commencement of the ‘Hecto-dimentional Research Strategies Model’.

5- The adoption of NEDV designs in Quasi-experimental research in experimental plans for magnetic exposures of organic and inorganic substances.

6- The inception of Magneto Agri-circadian Clock.

7- The salient discoveries of the co-relational linkings between Plasma Activity & Solar Flux and the ferromagnetic susceptibility of certain phyto-hormones in varying geomagnetic sphere-fragments, for the first time in the entire scientific history.

8- The invention of ‘Deca-spectrum He-Ne~Diode’ MF Susceptibilities Measurements Apparatus at Micro & Macro levels of MF exposures.

9- The splendidly far-viewed breakthrough conceptions of the Theory of Magneto-Kinetics and the Theory of Magnetohydrodynamics based upon two co-relational equations, previously unavailable in the entire scientific literature, ever published. Also virtuously responsible for evolving the first comprehensive design-schema for post-disastrous situations management.

A precision of the renderings conceded, can be summarized as: Having time-tested and event-proven abilities to conceptualize, strategize and handle disability-centered tasks in critical and strange situations, foremostly conceptualized, assessed and raised the issue of child retardation risk in Tsunami affected areas, in capacity of prime investigatory head of CRRA Tsunami project, and maintained liaisons to UN and related agencies on the particular subject-matter. Subsequently at the position of chief task executor, CRRM, pioneered in initializing the adequate provision of immunity-booster micro-nutriments and organic food supplements, exclusively formulated, under personal directions and monitoring for quality and standards.

Distinctively depicted and featured in over 347 internationally reputed chronicles, journals, testimonial, and high ranked institutional reference circulars including UN reference archives, “Who’s Who in the World” (Edition 2006, Marquis, USA), Dictionary of International Biographies (Edition 2008 I.B.C. Cambridge, England.), The Oxford Blue Book and numerous other conceited mentionings.

Major offers and noteworthy nominations, declined on basis of certain intrinsic resolute merits and patriotic concerns, include lucrative post offers ranging from principal research officer-ship and faculty deanship to chancellorship of reputed institutions in the EU, the US and around the globe

Notable philanthropic and patriotic declinations include B.P. ₤ 79 Million offer to provide the original manuscripts of A.Z.H. Magneto-Sectorial Model. Audited philanthropic services and contributions over 27.3 Million Rupees since 1993.

Prof. Al Hafi’s work has been acknowledged and honoured globally. And in view of that, consequently, accordingly, owing to the distinctions of being pioneer and inventor of various scientific concepts, as well as in recognition of notable humanitarian and philanthropic contributions, Prof. has been awarded The Supreme Knighthood in category of; ‘de jure’, and owingly, in reverence of the meritorious works, his name has been inscribed in The Roll of Honour, in The Sovereign Military Order of The Knights Hospitallers of Malta. Prof. Hafi holds a remarkably copious and plentiful list of distinct honours and laurels. He is an elevatedly giant vanquisher of over 11 regional and 9 international awards including The Century Merit Award (Co-recipient with former UN Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan [Ref.: KAKHTAH] ).

Notwithstanding all in scrutiny, Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb is a stalwartly controversial figure in varied circles. His opponents strongly deny, in whole or parts, of what appears implicitly as his ‘accomplishments’ as well as ‘undertakings’. The axiom ‘Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb’; emphatically cited in certain academia-assemblages whilst robustly condemned in others, a ‘hero’ for some populace and ‘zero’ for the other,….a passionate-heartily ‘beloved one’ and an animatedly ‘hated one’ at the same time; has circumspectly gathered storm-controversies around him during his chosen track-expeditions. More or less, either; due to the sturdy toughness in his own ‘code of ethics’, or; for the reason of being uncompromising in his strict definitions of ‘Merit’ & ‘De-Merits’, or probably for both, his attainments, and even many rightful renderings are not only detained out of realization, but, day by day, are being anecdoted by rumors, suspicions and mutating rivalries.